Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer comes to an end.

We have had a wonderful summer here over all.  The weather has been mixed between hot summer days with high humidity and thunder and lightening shows at night.  I love the heat and the humidity doesn't really bother me so I have been a happy clam!  We have travelled some and spent some time at our boat.  I am sad to see summer go but I do love the fall as well.  I live at the bottom of a foothill and the colour show in the fall is spectacular!
This is last year!  We are not this deep in colour yet!
As for the sewing department, I have been doing several projects but nothing too big.

I made this sun dress for Me!  I love the pleats on the front but the underarm binding on the back was a little odd, just ending out there all on it's own!  Maybe it is the pattern....maybe it is me sewing in the wee wee hours of the morning?  However, it is light and flowy and doesn't touch me much which is great when the humidity is really high!

I made Kobo covers for the kids.  One for Moo (girly) and one for Bean (boyish).

And we all made several dog beds to donate to the Humane Society.  Of course they need to be tested before they go so the Princess Moo did the testing!  They work well apparently!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Farewell, my friend....

It is a sad time for me and my family as we say good bye to a wonderful woman.  I am sad to say that our dear friend Hazel has passed away.  She was a lovely, friendly woman who "adopted" me and my children as though we really were hers.  We shared a love of quilting and fabric hoarding collecting.  She was amazing at many forms of crafting and I have some wonderful items that she made that I will hold dear and cherish as memories of time spent with her.
If not for Hazel and her hubby Jim, my move back to Ontario to take care of my parents would never have happened.  They were a slick packing team and kept me in good humour while we tackled the daunting task of packing up my life and my two children and moving across the country.  I have many pictures of Hazel with my sisters and my children but I think my favourite is of her rocking my "eternally colicky" son when he was tiny.
She had a brilliant, captivating smile and a gentle soul and I will miss her dearly.
I am grateful for her time on earth and I know she is in Good Hands.  Thank God her suffering is over.  If you have a minute please say a prayer for Hazel's family and friends as those who remain are hurting.

As I was in the process of making an Alzheimer's touch quilt for Hazel with some of her fabrics, I will still complete it but I will now donate it to the Alzheimer's Association in her name (unless of course her hubby would like to have it to hold on to).  As for the rest of her fabric and the Singer Featherweight that I inherited, she will be remembered every time I touch any of it.

Rest in Peace Hazel, may you find the best Fabric Shops Heaven has to offer.  Say, "Hi" to Mom and Dad for me and give them a hug.  Love you......