Friday, July 15, 2011

Finally some finishes!

I finally have some pictures to show of the finishes I have made lately.  As the pictures loaded I realized I got more done than I thought.
First off I am finally done my granddaughters play quilt!  It is from the Quilt Almanac 2011, called "Hey Diddle Diddle".
This lighting is bad but it lets you see the loops that her toys can be clipped to.
Here is the back and label.
This is my very first free motion machine quilting attempt.  In the main block I made her initial.
In the middle shot you can see that I did make a label and it turned out really well I think!  I never used to label my quilts until I started blogging and read about how important that is. Who knew?  That was just something I was never taught.

Speaking of labelling things,  I made these:
using a tutorial by Patchwork Pottery.  I haven't
ironed them on to the twill yet but I will soon and I
have the perfect jar to store them in as well!  The
figuring out of the computer was the most challenging part of these.

I have a few more finishes to post about but I will save it for another day or else this is going to be one really long post!

I will leave you with a most wonderful parcel that arrived in the mail yesterday though.  I left a comment on Sweet P's blog on her give away day and I was the lucky winner!  Two great patterns and some lovely black and brown fabrics to start one of the projects off with!!
A stash piece to match!!
I really didn't think I had any colours even close in my stash but I took a peek anyway and look what I found!  There is only one match, but it is indeed a fabric that I can add to this quilt pattern!

For the other pattern though, I made a quick trip to the LQS for a couple of charm packs that I have had my eye on but didn't have a project for....
Now I am all set!  Thank you Paulette!!  I love my new projects.

Have a good night everyone.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fabric organizing, now that I am finally able to post again!

I have been unable to post for quite some time because somehow the hard drive on my I-Mac died!  Not sure what happened exactly but now it is fixed (not in the budget!) and I can get back to blogging.

I have been busy sewing away and keeping busy.  My kids are away visiting with their Dad and that is always a hard time for me.  I hate having my kids away from me.  So while they are gone, I have been tidying and sewing.

First I really had to fix up the spare room to accommodate the fabric overflow.  I found a great deal on shelving at Wal-Mart and bought 3 units for 30.00 plus tax total!  Then I assembled them and sorted the fabric onto them. Here are the before and after photos:
Before, all the fabric heaped everywhere!

Cube shelving set up and loaded. 

It is even somewhat organized by fabric type and co-ordinates!
I am very happy with the way this turned out and how easy it is to find what I am looking for.  Now if I could just get some organizing done to the fabric that is shelved in the cutting room!  My focus is learning to be grateful for what I have and the space I have to store it in.  I am very blessed and I need to learn how to take care of it so it can be used wisely by everyone who sews in my home!
I have a few "finishes" to share as well as soon as I get the photos loaded into this new hard drive :)
Have a great day!