Friday, February 3, 2012

Long Time Away

Hello there.  It has been a long time since I have been able to post in my blog, but I am back finally!

Life has been very busy here but I think things are about to settle into a nice routine in anticipation of Spring.

Christmas and New Years went well this year and thankfully quiet and uneventful.  My sister travelled home from BC and arrived safely in Ontario.  I have to say that winter driving across Canada in the winter is not the safest idea, but all went well and I am happy to have her home!

The fall was full of sewing projects, just not stuff that was for us.  As you all know I was sewing for the production of Annie that my daughter was in, which went very well.  Then our group was asked to go straight into helping the ladies who were sewing for the production of The King and I.  It was CRAZY busy and very different from sewing for Annie.  You might say from Rags To Riches!  Sewing silk and Satin are not my favourites as I don't like the "fray factor".  However, it all turned out well and the show was a great success.

On health notes, my hubby is doing remarkably well and has been able to stop Chemotherapy!  This is a huge relief and a great blessing.  He is recovering from the side effects and has been able to go back to work.  That has made him so incredibly happy, he is like a new man.
My best friend Bee also had her latest surgery and all went well.  She is home recovering.

Aside from sewing for Christmas gifts, which I really didn't get a chance to take pictures of due to the severe lack of time left after The King and I, I spent a good deal of our holiday time sewing a quilt for Bee to take to the hospital with her.  It was her birthday gift, just a little late, since her birthday is boxing day and I didn't get it done until the first week of January!  It arrived in time to go to the hospital though and that was all that mattered.

The quilt top was a "rescue" from our local Value Village and was originally intended as a practice quilt for learning free motion quilting on my new sewing machine but it was her favourite colour and she needed it in a hurry.  Since it was already in the machine and underway, I just changed what I was going to do with it to something that suited the occasion.

Her "people"!

I stitched the names of all her family, friends and pets into the boarders along with some words of encouragement and added die cut GO! Ribbons in the colour of the Endometriosis campaign along with an official ribbon to the centre of the quilt.  This worked great and was a total relief because before it was going to be Bee's quilt, I had NO IDEA what was going to happen in the middle of this quilt!

I wanted her to feel wrapped in the love of everyone close to her during her stay at the hospital and she loved it.  Each stitch reminded her of how much she is loved and why she needed to pull through this surgery.

She is now home safe and snuggling up with her quilt healing.

I'll be back soon to fill you in on the project that is consuming all of my time now shortly!