Monday, April 1, 2013

March Stash Busters Report

Well, March was a little crazy here but it is over and that is good.
As for the March Stash Busters report, I didn't get as much sewn as I would have liked. The intent was to sew something for the impending season, which is supposed to be Spring but.....

...we are up to our waist in snow and it is -15 degrees outside. So I was not feeling the Spring fever thing. So I sewed a pair of wool mitts (from my stash) for my Niece that I sent home with her before I got a picture of them and a scarf  from this scrap of super soft, rose bud fleece and satin that I had left over for two years.

I also helped my sone make a new Pokemon hat.  He designed it and cut it all out and sewed some of it, then I helped with the fussy parts. The character is Umbreon:

Since the snow won't go away, we thought that we would take advantage of it and snow dye some boring cream sheets that I have had in my stash for years.  We hope their new look will inspire us to make a fun quilt.

Then we used the left over dye to paint the snow and play tic tac toe! Snow boredom!

Hopefully next month will bring Spring and some inspiration!
Happy Sewing.