Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Breaking through the surface!

It seems like forever since I have posted.  In the little nutshell of my world it has been!  My husband is finally home from the hospital, it took 15 days for him to be released.  Not better, just released.  He is well enough that I can take care of him at home.  What a challenging journey.  Thank you to everyone who has been sending messages and saying prayers for us.  It seems they have been heard, our results from pathology are in and the cancer has NOT spread as first thought!  We may need to do some radiation or chemo but that should be fairly mild.  What a great result after all the original, dire expectations!

So other than keeping my head in the game for my husband I have also been tending to the little ones in my life.  During this whole journey my Moo turned 10...."Double Digits" she calls it!  She was so excited that it was finally her BIG birthday and I was so desperate not to disappoint her by letting her big day be over shadowed by our current battle.  I booked her a birthday party at Spa World before the surgery, so I wouldn't let it fall through the cracks.  It was great!  They got their nails and toes done and a goody bag was included (WHEW! I had no time to shop!). She had a great time and then we also had a birthday dinner with family at home. Her big thing for that was that she wanted to bake her own cake....ah....OK!  Worked for me!  It turned out great and looked fabulous!

I also finished her dress (that I started at Christmas!), the child has the patience of a saint.  I found this fabric years ago and had no idea what I would make out of it but it had Moo's name written all over it, so it had to come live at our house until I discovered a project for it.  This dress was her pick and the fabric was mine.  She loves it!  (And it gave me small moments of focus).

I also joined an apron swap over at Country Pleasures (cause I didn't have enough to do!) and I did manage to finish and ship this apron over to my great partner Missy.  Hope she likes it! My daughter sure didn't want it to leave the house!.

I also calmed my mind by doing some thrift shopping between visits to the hospital here and there, but I will post on those finds later!  Hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let the healing begin!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and prayers!  It has been so inspiring to know others are keeping us in their thoughts as we go through this journey.

The surgery was difficult but it went well and they removed the whole tumour.  For now the doctor just wants him to heal from this and then we will see what further treatment he needs.  The first few nights were difficult in the hospital but with a little medical help last night he slept for the first time!  What a blessing!

I am so thankful that this is the March break and I am off from work.  We had planned to go to Ottawa to see our new granddaughter but those plans had to change.  She is planning to come up and visit us later this spring.  So while I waited through the surgery, I sewed this little Amish Puzzle Ball for her.  There were others in the waiting room with us and we had a great discussion on what other populations would benefit from these little many ideas!

In the days before the surgery the kids wanted to make something for him so when he woke he would know we were there.  Of course what wraps you in love and hugs better than a blanket?  So they went to work, they found the perfect pirate fabric and started to tie.

The blanket is soft and beautiful and when he came out of the anaesthetic he was wrapped in our love. The first thing he said after I love you, is where are the kids.  Then I knew...all was well.
Thank You.