Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Learning curve!

It seems that I am in a learning curve for many aspects of my life.  The kids left today with their Dad for a visit.  They will be travelling out of town for about ten days.  I am not really good with having them away from me and I am therefore learning to let go!  I am not sure that I like this curve! On a brighter note I am looking all over blog land to learn about how to develope this blog site.  I have not yet figured out the link thing or how to add buttons or post pictures!  But I did see a book today at Amazon called The Handmade Market Place (OOHHH!!!! look the link thingy worked!! I hope you are allowed to link to Amazon?) that has a lot of info on blogging so I may just invest in the book.  I have yet to learn how to edit the archive side bar so that my words don't get split into two lines of text!  Oh well, all in good time I guess.  With that I think I should head down to the sewing room and begin working on all the projects that need to be done in time for back to school.
Have a good one!

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