Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So today, I putter...

I am off today, officially that is.  Wednesday is my real day off, but I have been home sick all week.  I almost never take time off, I have to be almost dead....and I was!  Even my kids were suggesting that I should stay home, that is just too strange!
I am feeling better today thankfully so I am puttering.  Which is also strange because I am so driven usually (to a fault!) but I seem to have no focus.  I am just reading the blog roll and realizing just how much I have to be thankful for.  Some big things, some little...

Like this little gem:  
Which makes packing bananas in lunch bags so simple!

I want to share a recipe that I am making for dinner tonight.  Nothing spectacular but yummy all the same.  It is the reason that I have the recipe that makes me smile today.  It is Mrs. Bell.  A lady I met five years ago, when I move here to take care of my parents and had to put my kids in day care.  My daughter did not do well in day care she was a stay at home Mamma's girl.  (literally kicked out of 13, yes thirteen, daycares in seven months for uncontrollable crying, aka separation anxiety!) But I really had very little choice, if I wanted to feed these little lovies, I had to work.  So to day care twice a week she went while her brother was in school.  Mrs. Bell was our saving grace.  Each time we arrived with Moo in tears, she would snuggle her up in her lap and talk to her and encourage her and say things to make her feel safe until Mamma came back.  She did this everytime.  She never got frustrated or upset with her or made her feel like she should not cry as I left.  She just held her and chatted and distracted and whatever else was needed.  She also noticed that my little Moo did not eat much.  So she took it upon herself to find something that she would eat.  Brought in her own recipe and had it passed through the day care administration hoops.  And incorporated it into the menu.  And guess what...Moo likes it!  So dear sweet Mrs. Bell gave me the recipe!
It is just a sauce that you cook on a ham that is like a glaze.  (Which surprises me because Moo doesn't eat sauce or dip of any kind...not even Ketchup!) 
So here you go:

  add your brown sugar

and then the honey

2 TBSP orange juice

and (SHHH!!) mustard

pour over ham and cook as usual!



Lisa said...

Love this nan made a similar one when i was a young child...and i loved it too....its something moo will eat then its something yummy!! thanks for sharing the recipe.
Hugs, Bee

A Plain Path said...

Very sweet post about being thankful and about a wonderful lady. Thanks for sharing both the story and recipe!! Kelly

homespun girl said...

mmmm, that looks yummy. I love scalloped potatoes with ham. And pea's with it. The frozen ones - not canned.
Thanks for sharing :-)
Hope you're feeling better.

Micki said...

The recipe is wonderful! Hope you feel better!

Barb said...

If you go to diy dish network, you can find it on my left side panel, you will find tutorials or videos on rolled hems, with the serger and is awesome, wish I had found this before...