Monday, May 16, 2011

Some things that I have been up to.

Well it was an interesting week and since blogger was down I couldn't amuse myself reading my favourite blogs nor could I update mine!  So I went sewing!  I finished a few things but I don't have pictures of all of them but here are a few:

The embellished onesie and pants match a burp pad I made for my granddaughter at Easter.  And then there are a few more that were just to cute to not make!  I love those mini pom poms!

I also visited some organizing sites and played a long one afternoon when I couldn't make my drawers close nicely!

It looks like we eat a ton of candy at our house!  That however, is the problem!   No one ever "eats" it so it gets shoved in this drawer and takes up my space!  The marshmallows are divided equally between the fire pit for roasting and Rice Crispy Squares!

Then I spent some time with the kids.  We set up the trampoline and jumped for an afternoon.  I even took pictures and what's more, I let them take pictures of me!  I never do that, but I was inspired while reading Sugar Bee Crafts blog. She was saying that we should make sure that the kids have memories of us on film.  We Mom's are so often behind the camera that when we are gone......there aren't many pictures with us in them. So for memories sake, here are a couple of shots of me so there is proof that I actually existed!

Moo, Mamma, Bean.
I hope everyone is doing well.  Have a great week.

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A Plain Path said...

I'm not often in front of the camera either. I prefer it that way. haha!! You and your children are beautiful.

Now, I just can't believe you have candy corn in your house and it's not being eaten. Yummy! ;-)

And I love the onesie and pants...cute!