Saturday, December 18, 2010

Giveaway Winner!!

What a great experience being a part of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway!  Thank you to everyone who came by and left a comment.  It was a joy to read each of them.  I really have to figure out how to reply to posts with blogger.  If anyone knows please let me know!  I tried to reply to comments but I had to copy and paste each address into my gmail account which ended up being very time consuming so if I didn't get to every one I am very sorry, but I did read and cherish each and every comment.  As I said, my children would be picking the winner and they too spent a great deal of time reading the comments.  They were very moved by many of the replies and were very inspired by what some people do to help others.  So thank you for opening their eyes to even more giving ideas!

Now for the winner!  We put the names into our Santa hat and the little sleepy heads still in their PJ's with the help of the dog, drew the winner.

And the winner is..........

Who Said:

sweet limes said...

I love that you are connecting this to giving since that's what Christmas is all about in my eyes.

My favourite thing to do at this time of year is inviting a few people who don't have family (or family close by) for Christmas dinner and other festivities so they don't have to be alone for the holidays. So far I have a lady from my local fabric store coming, a lady and her mother down the street, and a gentleman our family has known for about a year who has no family to speak of. I do this because I have no family other than my own husband and kids, and I used to hate spending the time alone.

Charity. Love that you asked this because I love talking about the charity I do. I had a daughter who was still born at 40 weeks and the hospital gave me the most darling little gown to dress her in because it was all so unexpected and my bag with her supplies got lost in the shuffle. Turns out they have a small supply of these on hand for those sorts of situations. I make gown after gown all year round and on my daughters birthday I take them to the hospital she was born and hand them over to the nursing staff there. I want the mother's in similar situations to have something they can hold onto after their little one dies and leaves their arms empty. I know how much it meant to me and I want to offer that little bit of love and comfort to other mother's like me.

Thank you so much to everyone for all of the inspiration!  Sweet Limes, I will email you for your address and the fabric will be headed in your direction.  The kids and I have also decided to add in a few left over pieces of eyelet that Hazel made my son's baby quilt out of because we thought that it would be a nice accent to some of the fabrics for the baby gowns. 

Merry Christmas to every one!  Thanks for sharing!


B @ Sweet Limes said...

Huge hugs to you on this frosty snow filled morning (at least on my end!) Your email this morning warmed me and I thank you for making my week.

Micki said...

Congrats to the winner! Have a wonderful weekend!