Friday, December 31, 2010

Some nights are just like that....

We have all been "not quite right" this week.  Some of us downright sick for days and others just under the weather. In any case there are some unsettled little peeps in my house that have needed a lot of attention.  (And one BIG peep that is a whole post unto himself!  We won't go there today!)

Yesterday morning was going fine and breakfast was baking in the oven (brown sugar cinnamon croissants) under the watchful eye of Fuzzy...Moo's baby polar bear.

Who is a little bit of a diva... Hmmm,I wonder where she gets that?!

By last night both kids were in need of some Mamma love. Now keep in mind that they are 12 and almost 10.  Bean went to sleep after a long cuddle and a chat and I thought Moo was down. But, while I was trying (unsuccessfully!) to locate a tutorial I lost somewhere in blog land, my little Moo comes out to the kitchen with Fuzzy in her arms and both of them wrapped in the last afghan my Mom ever knit and she says, "Can you rock me for a little while Mamma?"  "I'm not trying to stay up late or anything, but I just need to be rocked"  So of course who can refuse that?  Off to the rocker we went, under the lights of the Christmas tree, in the still of night, and we rocked.  When she was asleep I carried her to bed and tucked her under the afghan.  Then I was alone to think.......How precious is this time with them?  How fast will it go by until she is rocking her babies under the last quilt that I made and I am not with them?  It makes me glad to know that they will remember that I was there and took the time even at this age to sit and rock them to sleep on the nights that were tough for them.

It made me miss my Mom and Dad..... as I sometimes do at major events like Christmas and the coming of the New Year.
So tonight when she came out in the same fashion...with Mom's afghan and Fuzzy in tow, we went, to chalk up some more memories for both of us.
Take the time.....


Lisa said...

I love this post...brought back so many memories for me! Made me cry for so many reasone. Because I know how much you miss your parents, and I miss your parents too....they are very special people and I know holidays and just some days are harder than others for you and the kids too. Time and memories with the kids are SO IMPORTANT and we are blessed to know how important they are...inspite of going threw all you have been threw - you are truely one of the most wonderful people I know...BIG HUGS mamma. I also love fuzzies outfit - do her clothes all fit in her new dresser? Happy Almost 2011
Hugs, Bee

homespun girl said...

You are so right to recognize, cherish and be grateful for the special moments when they happen. Happy January :-)

Barb said...

Oh...those moments will only last as long as they let you hold enjoy while you can!!