Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank You

Our Remembrance Day started like this.
It has been a long and thoughtful Remembrance Day for my family.  My nephew, my brother's son, is serving in Afghanistan and that frightens me.  I am here and cannot do much to keep him safe but pray and "remember".  With her cousin in mind, my daughter, who has always wanted to be a singer finally won a solo part in the choirs performance at the Remembrance Day service today.  She was nervous and excited but determined to sing her gratitude.  I am so proud of her and so thankful and proud of my nephew as well.  I hope that you all were able to take a minute today and be grateful for our freedom.

Sorry apparently this link won't work.  If I figure it out I will edit again! 

It takes a long time to load and is almost 4 minutes long.

On a sewing note, I have been sewing like a fool for the production of Annie and hope to take some pictures soon!  I seriously need to be done so I can start Christmas!!



A Plain Path said...

I wish I could see the video of your daughter singing. I join you in thanks for the many who have and continue sacrifice. Hugs!!

Lisa said...

hope we can see Teyah sing one day too! So exciting. Yes you have been sewing ALOT for the production of annie and I am sure everything will look wonderful as you are quite the perfectionist!! Looking forward to seeing it all.
hugs, Bee