Saturday, December 15, 2012

It has been Forever....

It seems as though I have not posted on here in FOREVER!  Although it was April and not actually FOREVER, it still feels like I have been gone a long time.
We have had a very rough year and it appears things are going to get worse before they hopefully get better. Briefly, because I don't want to make this a sad blog space, my husband is battling cancer yet again.
We thought he was done and good to go, but at his six month check up, they found lung cancer.  Not metastasized from his colon cancer of last year, but a new and totally different type of cancer. Stage three and inoperable. They felt that it would be treatable with chemo and radiation if it hadn't spread too widely so they did a PET scan to check.
Well, they found the lung cancer was treatable (curative or palliative is yet to be seen) but not until they treated the colon cancer that the scan found had returned.  A double dose of cancer, two types squamous and adenocarcinoma was very hard to swallow.  It also initiated a very busy schedule of appointments and surgery and a two month "semi" recovery. So that in a nut shell is why I have been away so long.

I have been sewing still, but just in the brief moments in between higher demands. I can't say I will be writing with any regularity but I am hoping that I can find some time to just check in and post up things that I find joy in.  Somewhere there needs to be a memoir of the joy otherwise life would seem very bleak.

So for some happy thoughts to sign of with:
Kodi and Pedro, our new family members

A few of the chair covers I made for my daughter's teacher

A few of the things we made for Craft Hope
As I scroll through my photos I am reminded that there are many things that I want to share.  I hope this will motivate me to a place where I can come and share and be happy, realizing that over all, life is good!
Enjoy the day.


Missy Shay said...

I am so sorry for the trials you and your husband are going through. I will pray for ya'll!

Barb said...

Oh my gosh....that is horrible. My sister's husband has stage 3 lung cancer they are trying to shrink it and hopefully do surgery...

Good luck and much prayers sent your way.