Thursday, January 31, 2013

Confessions and Commitments

Yes, I have some confessions regarding a brand new commitment I made.  I also have some confessions about my fabric hoard stash. I will warn you that this post is picture heavy!

Just a few days ago, I made a commitment over at Cation Designs (see link on side bar) that I would use up fabric already in my stash this year and that I would do my best to limit any new acquisitions to just what is needed to complete the project that I am making from my stash. I cheated!  We were out of town to see a Doctor for my husband and I went to the fabric store and purchased three fabrics.  Two tiny pieces that will go into an art quilt that is rattling around in my brain and then 10 meters of fabric for chair covers for my daughters school. So guilty!

So, to make myself more accountable, I took pictures of my stash to post in hopes that it would help me follow up with my commitments on the stash busting sew a long. If it is all here in colour, maybe I'll remember to use it!  I am also posting the fabrics that I pulled to make projects with in the near future.

So here goes:
In the cutting room,

A change table full of interfacing and a few bolts
The batiks underneath
Two drawers of Fat Quarters and such

Shelf ONE
Shelves TWO and THREE!

Bins of Fabric Under the Cutting Table

In one Spare room:

In the Laundry Room! 

In the Other Spare room!

Every spare surface is covered!  And, I'm not done!!

There is more in the room where I actually sew, which is also the kids play room.

It is bad, really bad!  And I didn't pretty it up for this confession!

So here is my stack of very soon to be sewn, fabrics from my stash.

Some of it is already cut up into the projects they are going to become, so I am on my way to wrangle this stash into something reasonable!  Also, if you look back at the stack of flannels on the Featherweight table, it is going to become sheets for my treatment table soon too, so that will be gone as well. In total it is about 62 meters of fabric. It is a good start, but I better not get all happy about it, I have a serious de-stash ahead!
If you need to get in control of yours too, go click the button and check out the program, I'd be happy to have more company!

Have a great day!


Missy Shay said...

That is a LOT of fabric, at least it is organized!

Giggles said...

my word, that is a lot. Do you still know everything you have? I have nowhere near that much and I am sometimes surprised when I come across something I had forgotten about :-)

Good luck with the stashbusting.

Sharon @ Laurelhurst Craftsman said...

I know how you feel. I've got fabric squirreled away all over the house, though most of it is ironed and organized in my sewing room now. I've really got to go and retrieve the last of it in storage.

I'll enjoy watching your projects this year.