Friday, August 19, 2011

Pay it Forward and a New Challenge.

We have been traveling quite a bit this summer and so I have not been able to blog much but I wanted to share a picture of my first "pay it forward"! 
I made this apron for Kelly from A Plain Path.  She is a sweet Mamma and a terrific, supportive bloggy friend. If you click her link you can see her wearing the apron!  We got a chuckle out of the fact that I was making her apron as she was making jelly and needing one!

This was the first time I used the labels that I made and talked about in this post.  They seemed to work great!

Now for the challenge,  I have finally decided to join the Friday Night Sew In group.  I really need to make some sewing commitments and be accountable, so I am hoping that I can do it with this FNSI plan!  You can find out more by clicking the link on my side bar under For Interest Sake. Come join in and have some fun!
Now off to my sewing room so I can set up for tonight's Sew In!!

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A Plain Path said...

Oh, just catching up on your blog!! I LOVE this apron. You know, Nathan insists that I wear it when I cook because he says I look so pretty in it. How sweet is that!! I wear it almost everytime I'm in the kitchen. Even my husband commented the other day that he liked me in my apron. Who knew? haha! Thank you so much, it's the perfect gift!