Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The quilt in Action!

It has been a busy few weeks here but I did want to show you the quilt I made for my Granddaughter in action.  We drove down to London, Ontario to see them before they left for San Francisco and brought Little E the Quilt. She put it to use right away.  She is just learning how to roll over and having her toys clipped on to the loops made it more interesting for her to be on her tummy (which she really dislikes!)  We are hoping that since the toys can't get away on her she may attempt to figure out a way to get to them and start to crawl.

She was quite happy that her toys couldn't get away, and was more happy to be on her tummy for longer periods.

It was a nice week of seeing family and we got to see all of our grandchildren in the course of one week.  That never happens since they all live so far away.  But since everyone of them is moving somewhere, we all got to meet them all in the middle!

This was our day on the beach with the kids and Grandkids.  We have been so blessed with great weather these last few weeks, so we took advantage of it!

Well I am off to search out information on a new sewing machine. Wish me luck!


Missy said...

Your quilt turned out beautiful!

Lisa said...

Little E gets cuter all the time....that quilt is gorgeous as well! I didn't expect anything less - Mrs Perfectonist LOL....seriously glad it turned out so well...i know you put alot of heart and soul into it. Good job mamma!

A Plain Path said...

Awe...those pictures are so precious. She is just adorable and what a fun, useful quilt. I'm thinking of stealing this idea for an expecting friend.