Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Overloaded Week!!

My son dragged me out of the house early this week to see this...

And it made me stop and think...

I am feeling like I never have time to do Mamma things.  But I am coming to the realization that ALL things in my home are Mamma things.  I guess I have to get that Balance thing back in order!

Last Weekend I was out of town for a Massage Therapy Workshop in Sudbury, Ontario.  It was research overload as we had a complete overhaul on the protocols of Massage Therapy and Caner.  There was SO much information to take in and process, all very positive as far as treatment protocols go, but so much change in information was a lot to take in!

As always after being away for any period of time everyone's "I need Mamma" tank needs a refill so my week went to getting every one back on track and now we are at Halloween!  How did that happen?!

It was a busy weekend with sleep over's and sewing lessons and costume making and Halloween parties, pumpkin carving (in our PJ's!) and trick or treating tonight.  I somehow don't feel like I got anything done, but when I look around me at the happy people in my family....I know I did something....and....I did it right!  Sometimes being a Mamma has nothing to do with the things Mamma wants to do, but more so the people she does things for!  God help me remember the reasons I wanted so badly to be a Mamma, and not begrudge the time it takes to do them!
My son carving his pumpkin in his cast!
Should we let accident prone children handle safety knives!!

My hubby hard at work creating a scary face!
(Yes.... he cut his arm gutting the pumpkin!)

Asia feels the need to sit in the middle of it all
and supervise with her BOO! bandana on!

And finally here is the line up!!

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