Saturday, October 9, 2010

Crazy Week!!!

Well, I had every intention of getting a whole bunch of things done this week but as usual....Life Happens!
I started out trying to make a cover/carry pouch for this:

My best friend Bee (Lisa) from Bees Whimsey gets intravenous lidocane treatments for pain weekly and has to wear this bottle with a pump for 36 hours at a time.  The carry pouch they gave her is just not doing it for her!

So I made this one for her.  Green is her favourite colour and the inside fabric has whimsical chubby bees on it.

This was not the first one I made...I did a prototype but it was dismal!  And just not suitable, so I tried again and this one is much better.  So one task down....umpteen to go! happened!

This is "take after Momma, accident prone" little man.  He fell at school on Tuesday playing tag and they believe he fractured a scaphoid bone in his wrist.  So we spent Tuesday and most of Wednesday dealing with the wrist, the Orthopaedic surgeon, and the teachers who felt that he wasn't hurt enough for him to be able to call Mamma (after he asked 5 times to 2 different teachers!!!)  Wednesday was a rough day for the teachers and the principal....I am quite a Mamma Bear and I did NOT take kindly to them not letting him call me!  Plus, I have a fair back ground in health care and I like to be the judge of whether my children need medical attention or not.  
Any way that was handled well by the staff and sincere apologies were given to myself and my son. 

However, it did put a serious crimp in what I got done for the week!  As I mentioned in an earlier post "Iris" my body double was seriously lacking in the curves department and needed a little maturity in her prepubescent appearance!  So I cut out some fleece ovals, layered them and stitched them together to be a belly (the belly actually needed two pads!) and a tushy (just needed one)!  

Then I tucked them into a cut off nylon stocking panty and smoothed them out!

Now... doesn't she look more curvaceous!  And well truthfully more like me!  Now I will be able to use her for her purpose to make my garments fit me better!  I can't wait.

Then as I was cleaning up my sewing areas and trying to merge everything into one place I came across a box of old buttons that used to be my Mom's.  I have always loved Vintage buttons and she used to let me play with them as a kid so I was very happy to find them. There is a picture of the whole lot and then two really neat ones that I pulled out.  The first has an orchid picture under a clear coating and the second button is cut glass!  I love that one.

Also in my sort, I uncovered a long buried fabric stash.  A dear friend of mine gave these to me about 17 years ago.  They were from her stash and she considered them old at the time!  She is in her late 80's and can no longer quilt so my sister has gone to British Columbia to pack up all of her fabric and bring it back here to me as a gift from my dear friend Hazel.  I am sad for her but at the same time I am soooo excited!  I have promised her that her stash will be put to good use.  And I am sure with help from all of you....that some suitable purpose will be found for every scrap of her fabric.  

 As well this week, just to unwind my brain, I stopped by a second hand shop and I discovered this little gem of fabric!  It is beautiful!  A Waverly Original Glosheen, not a mark on it and the cut edges are serged so I think it may have been a sample for somebody?  If anybody has any idea what name this fabric may have I would be thrilled to know.  I have tried to research it but have not come up with any answers yet.  It has rows of these great flowers and then rows of geometrics and flower outlines like the one you can see.

Well that ends my week in review!  Sorry for the lack of posts this week but it was a little hectic!  Happy Thanks Giving or Happy Columbus Day!  Or just happy weekend!  Until later......


aplainpath said...

Crazy week indeed! Hope your son recovers soon. I broke a finger last year, had surgery and it all wrapped up for several weeks. Not fun. I think kids are more resilent than us adults though. haha!

I love the thrift store fabric find! What a treat!

Ideas for the Quilted bag, table runner, coasters, potholders. Use them for applique pieces. Just some thoughts.

Hope next week is better for you!

Khris said...

What a great friend you are to come up with a cover for you friends thoughtful..hugs Khris

Lisa said...

HOLY COW - well when you post you post!! You amaze me that you can find the time with the hectic life you lead...and I have lived your day to day life with you to know how hectic it can be....I am super proud of you - I LOVE THE POUCH !!! - thank you sooo very much I am excited to try it out asap!! Is it mailed yet? lol Good job as usual mamma!! My weekly lidocaine ordeals will be easier because of the pouch as well as bring a smile to my face every time I look at it and think of you and the kids. The other patients will be jealous :) Poor bean and his wrist....I think its funny that you say he gets his accident proneness from you - I always thought he got it from me LOL....i love the buttons they are beautiful I think you may have seen some of them when I was at your place before. You could make xmas ornaments with buttons (another use for them)And your body double is looking lovely - very womenly looking and I think she will make your life a lot easier with your sewing. You have been busy and accomplishing alot I really hope you celebrate all that you have accomplished!! Ideas for the fabric, hmmmm I was thinking place matts and potholders too! re-usable bags for gifts this xmas - a tree skirt maybe with the red fabric or some of those book covers (like the one I got you for a pattern) - it would be perfect for book covers. I will keep thinking but that is what came to the front of my head. Happy Gobble Gobble I am so thankful that you are my best friend and have been for all these years and for all the years to come. Hugs!!