Saturday, October 9, 2010

The GO!

OK so I have been all over quilting blog land during the fabulous Fall into Fall Quilt Bloggers Giveaway.  The more places I visit the more I realize how cool it would be to win one of the ever growing in popularity AccuQuilt GO!  fabric cutters.  There are so many choices for dies available that I can hardly choose which I would select!  Any how...I digress!  If you want to try to win one head over to Alderwoodquilts for a chance to win a GO! and 3 die to use with it!  Hurry, Hurry!

Aside from that today was spent in the garden.  Correction, what is now going to be the garden!  Before today it was the middle of my back yard with two peonies and a handful of tulips plants in the middle of the grass!! I think it was a test for my Father that my Mother set up to see if he would cut around these plants while riding the tractor!  He managed, but it was making me crazy!  So now it is officially going to be a memory garden where I can be with my thoughts of both of my parents.  My Mom has a cemetery plot that I can visit and garden and talk to her at but my Dad was cremated and does not have a place that I can officially BE with him so the garden is going to be that spot, from here on out.
As for tomorrow...I think we are all going to be crippled!  I will keep you posted.


Lisa said...

Well I hope you took a hot shower and some motrin and that you wake up feeling not too crippled. I can't wait to see pics of the garden - i think its a wonderful place to be with your thoughts, although everywhere you turn in that house and in that yard you are close to your dad....he is everywhere there! Your mom too for that matter :)
Happy gobble Gobble day, we are celebrating on monday after the run. When I am sitting on the computer one of these nights I am going to check out some of those sites! Hugs, Bee

aplainpath said...

Thank you for sharing the give-away link!!

Very sweet to have a memory garden. I'm sure it will be beautiful!