Friday, November 19, 2010

Fabric Give away! One on NOW....One coming up!

There is a really sweet give away over at Retro Mummy!   Beautiful fabric is the deal of the day...Quick quick!  Go See!

Bean's fish creation!
We are sewing up a storm here for the craft fair.  It is all small tedious stuff though so I don't feel like I am getting too much done.  We are making reusable snack bags, sandwich wraps, crayon rolls, stuffies that the kids are dreaming up!  Nothing has a pattern and I am just cutting and sewing and hoping that it all works out!  I would like to try a few mug rugs too, they just seem like a great teachers gift!  I can see one on each desk with a peppermint tea in a cute mug to ward of the headaches that must threaten their everyday!  You can see I am NOT teacher material!  I don't do noise!

I do do fabric though!  And the sound of the machine is sweet.  But I have a task to do, and that involves the fabric that I received from a dear friend. I have to sort it out because the snow is starting to settle in here and I have to park my car in my garage for the winter months or it will refuse to start in the morning!  My 30th post is coming up soon and I am hoping that I can do a give away.  A lot of the fabric is small pieces (Hazel was a quilter!) so I am sure there will be some scrap bags.  It is not designer fabric, but a good lot of it is certainly vintage!  Hazel is 86 (or so!).  It is all very clean and neatly folded, or it was until I tried to sort it all out! There is also a fair bit of fabric that is not quilt fabric, I think it is more clothing type fabric.  Is anyone interested in a grab bag of surprise fabric?  There are some pretty laces and a stunning silver sparkly type piece and of course florals and well really just a whole variety of things! Does anyone make quilts for the Alzheimer's Society that need multiple textures and types?  Anyone have little girls to sew costumes or play things for? There is definitely lots to share?  Anyone sew for charity?  It would really be a delight if some of the fabric that Hazel has given would go into a piece made for a good cause.

I'd love to hear from you any ideas of what you would like to see in the give away...the aspect of variety is definitely covered!

 This was my first sort of the fabric onto tarps in the garage. Some of the piles are 18" high at least. The yellow recycling bin holds a bag of tiny, tiny pieces!
 This is the pile of random craft projects and UFO'S all individually bagged. There is even a bag of smocking pieces.

This is a bin with vintage patterns and small pieces of baby printed flannel and a few others like that shiny purple one!

 Thanks for stopping by!


Barb said...

Oh definitely have some wonderful fabrics.

Lisa said...

WOw mamma Hazel sure had alot of stuff - that is really great...between you and the kidsyou can sew up a storm for a long time! I LOVE THE FISH BEAN it is adorable and a job well done!!

Nan said...

Well, there is more to come.... more fabric, macrame rope, more instructions for crafts, and Hazel's Featherweight Singer Sewing Machine from the '40's... it was a wedding gift from Jim (her husband)... so it is special. Enjoy and have fun....