Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Costumes!

I know this is late but my children are wondering if I posted their Halloween costumes on my blog so I better do it before they wake up and ask again!

So here they are, I forgot to take pictures before we left! ( I always do that!)  Moo is a princess, I made this dress for her in the spring for a Masquerade Ball birthday party she was invited to. Well she really didn't have a thing to wear!  So, I made this little number!  What a leap from quilts to clothing!  Let's just say I forgot to start small!   
Bean is a Lolli Pop,  we blew up a GIANT balloon and paper mached for days!! (3 exactly!) of course he is in a cast that can't get wet so guess who got all gluey and wet!  Yep, me and Moo!  He held the balloon still while we worked though.

This is the dress in the spring, I think you can see the details better (except the sleeves) without the extra layers for frost protection!!
This was what Moo wore to the Halloween Party Saturday night!  I didn't make this one.
It is sure a stretch from princess to this! She is such a shy girl and I guess that she can play vampire on Halloween when the rest of the year she is so the opposite!

None of Beans friends had a party this year so he only needed one costume. WHEW!!!  He has such a great imagination, I don't think I could have made another brilliant idea in the time frame I had!!!
That is it for now, Happy November!!!


Lisa said...

Yae !!! GOOD JOB MAMMA! Our babies look fantastic. Bean and Moo are great I love to see any pics of them!! thank you for posting the pics.

Dewi Citra said...

Great costumes for Bean and Moo
Moo is a pretty girl, so I guess weven with vampire look, she is still so pretty

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pannay said...

Love the princess dress, and the lollipop is GREAT!

Micki said...

The costumes are just wonderful!