Sunday, November 28, 2010

I was VOLUN"TOLD" !!

Look what happened in our yard!!
 Well, I am back to the computer at last!  I have been crazy busy with the kids school council.  I was "voluntold" to be on the playground committee for the new school that the Ministry is building for us.  Almost 800 students and NO PLAYGROUND equipment!!  YIKES.

Any way so 2.5 weeks ago I was appointed the lead on planning a craft fair and small business vendor event they wanted to have to raise money for the school.  WHY?  Because I sew.  I must know a lot of crafters....NOT!!!  However, I am good at last minute magic!  Pulled together a small committee of "go-getter" girls and we organized 23 participants, a bake sale and a silent auction!! WHEW!  I ended up being a vendor too because a few of the other Moms have some of my reusable snack bags and they thought those would sell well at the event.  So whilst I was planning the whole thing I had to put my Christmas sewing on hold and sew a bunch of things for this event.  Can you say time management issues!! Haven't been to bed before 2am for weeks!  But I did get some things sewn for the event so that was good.

These are my version of crayon rolls.  I don't like ties because the kids want to do things themselves so I put a tab with an elastic and sew a button to the back of the tab and there you go! Toddler Friendly! If you click on the pictures you can see better detail.

The kids each sewed a stuffy as well.  Bean made his own pattern for a fish which he wants me to put into a tutorial, so I will try to get that together as well soon.  You can see his fish in this picture along with some of the other things we made.  The fuzzy things are dust cloths.  You can see here that we added pupils to TREY as his blue eyes look a little spooky in the picture below!!

Moo made a TREY owl from this pattern.  It is copy righted so we emailed and asked permission to donate the owl to the fundraiser silent auction table and she said YES! Moo was very happy that she contributed and the owl went for $8.00.  Two little girls had a little bidding war over him, it was cute!  All said it was a great event but it certainly put a crimp in my holiday sewing.


Dewi Citra said...

Congratulation Mrs Penny, Moo & Bean
It's great to see them create things

Micki said...

Love what the kids made...they must be so proud!

Lisa said...

Awww i wish i had been there to see the bidding war tee hee! you worked so hard and i love all the things you make. Excellent job. I love to see the pics - makes me feel like I am with you. Love the stuffies too! keep up the hard work mamma xmas is in 18 days! YIKES