Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gotta catch up!!

Hi there!
Again time goes by so quickly!  This week and a bit has been crazy like the rest.  Kids and Hubby have been sick, my son....the one with the cast on his hand...was sewing his dog beds for the humane society (we stuff them with fabric scraps from sewing!) and he sewed through his finger!  Right through! A finger on the hand that is in the cast none the less!  Then two days later just as we had gotten the puncture all doctored up he got hit with a ball at school and bent the pinkie finger on that "cast hand" back!  It was really swollen in the finger and down into the knuckle which was inside the cast so the pressure was painful as well.  It took me a while to decide whether I wanted it x-rayed or not.  I hoped it wasn't a broken finger or dislocated knuckle, so we waited over night and the swelling went down considerably, but the pain is still there.  He can move it today though so I hope that things are settling.  He has had so many x-rays lately I really didn't want more for another break on the same hand!

In the mean time we did get some sewing done!  I have been asked to co-ordinate a craft fair for the school playground fund-raising event so I made several snack bags and sandwich bags.  I also hope to get some baby burp cloths done and maybe a ball or two.  I would love to make aprons and mug rugs and so many more things too but as we all know time goes so fast and I do have to sew my Christmas presents up too!  I have decided that I can't do it all.  I will do what I can.

I did finish Beans sweater:
I also found these at the thrift store:

These sweaters are for felted wool mittens I hope to make for the craft fair (if time allows) if not the mitts will make great Christmas gifts as well.

I also picked up this jar at the thrift store to keep my laundry soap in.  I am trying to make the shelf look less cluttered and more pretty.  I hope that encourages more laundry doing!!!  In any case the jar is beautiful!

Here is a peak at what we are up to and will discuss in my next post:

This is Bean's first pattern creation! I had to entice him back to the machine after he sewed through his finger!  So I helped him come up with something he wants to sew...and that....was a fish!  He so needs to grow up to be a marine biologist!
Well, back to the sewing room for me, hope you all have a great day!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Hello! Yes, you are in my Christmas apron swap, I'm getting ready to pair us up now so stay tuned for your partner! Glad to have you and look forward to reading your blog, thanks for stopping by mine!

Lisa said...

ohhh mamma how life passes up by!! holy cow beanie sounds like he is getting more accident prone with age...i always thought he got that from me and hoped he would eventually out grow it but with that week i am not sure - lol thank goodness for health insurance. The coat is beautiful!! I really hope he fits is after all that hard work at least so you can get a picture of him in it. I love the fish pattern and the Jar looks antique possibly - good fine. Love and hugs, Beesley