Saturday, September 18, 2010

Button find!

There is a store in our little town called The Queen's Cupboard which sells antiques, vintage, retro and remakes of all types, plus a ton of other cool stuff, some by local artisans.  One of my patients was in the other day and mentioned to me that they had a selection of Vintage Buttons that I may be interested in (I love how my patients know me so well!)  So after work I popped in to see what was there.  I chatted to the owner as I looked at the beautiful buttons in the case and she informed me that there is a local lady who has a collection of buttons numbering around 10,000!  She collects them from all over and has many very old and unique buttons. Some with quite a history behind them!  Anyway, I chose 7 buttons from the collection in the store and the owner was kind enough to give me the collectors name and number so I can call her myself to set up a visit to see the buttons!  Once I get her permission, if she is willing, I will post contact information so all of you with a passion for buttons may connect with her and discuss your hearts desires! So here is what I picked:

The smallest button is about an inch in diameter.  The two square ones are shell and are very think and heavy.  I love them and think they will be lovely for purses or coats.  Hmmm, my Amy Butler Style Stitches book has a great pattern for a Cosmo Bag that requires one gorgeous button! OK, button: check...Fabric: well of course I have fabric, but is it THE fabric?  I don't know yet I'll have to see.  We can't get Amy Butler fabric here in Northern Ontario unless it is internet ordered.  I must check the stash to see what would be suitable.  
But for now, it has been a long day.  Both kids are having a sleep over and I think everyone is finally down for the count. So I believe that it is my pillow is calling....zzzzzzzz.....


Lisa said...

oh mamma those are some lovely bottons, bet you can't guess which is my fave?? You got it! but i like them all...but then we have excellent taste!I bet you love that browny colored one? reminds me of you some how...what does that say - you remind me of a button - my goodness ! LOL

Lisa said...

mamma where did you get that pic of yourself and why don't i have it LOL...please send as an attachment to me asap...i love it!!!!(not kidding) you have peaked interest in other people to start blogs too, kristen is going to start a running blog after she run the north shore half marathon in october. how is the sewing coming along?