Friday, September 10, 2010

OK! School is in and it is time to get back to reality!

Well it has been a while since my last post. Many things were going on here, the kids were out of town on a visit, we had a wedding to go to and finish up back to school shopping etc. Now the kids are back and organized with their new teachers! WHEW! I was sewing up a few sandwich wraps from this pattern by Betz White in her book Sewing Green.

The Frogs are for Bean (my son) and the Cow print is obviously for Moo (my daughter). 
If you look carefully in the first pictures, you can see the fabric I am going to use to make some snack bags for yours truly!  I am always a little envious when I make the kids lunches in the morning and I use all the snack bags that I have made for them with their favourite things on them. So these ones will be just for Mamma!  

I am starting to think that it is time to start making my list of things to do for Christmas.  So far I know what I am making for my step daughter and her hubby and our grandchildren.  Now, I have to get creative and come up with what I am making for my other step daughter and her hubby and.....the new little one they have on the way!  I had it all planned but now, with having a new Grandbaby on the way, the original items may need to be changed up for more baby oriented things!  We will see, I am struggling with making their Christmas presents baby related...maybe they would like to have some personally selected items still at Christmas...what do you think?  Then I have to come up with what I am making my Hubby, the kids, and my best friend Bee her name is actually Lisa but I NEVER call her that!  (It makes her think she is in trouble!)  I also have one of my sisters names for Christmas this year, like most years actually. (I have four sisters and only one brother and we rotate names each year.)  I have to come up with some thing cool for her and her partner as well and maybe their dogs too...we will see how much I actually get done!
Well, I better go and finish organizing the rest of my sewing area. The cutting room is done and you already saw pictures of that, but where I "sew" is actually on the other side of the basement, joined with the play room so I can be near the kids and monitor TV and computer usage and sometimes (after bedtime) I even watch something for me!  When I get it all pulled together I will post pictures of that too! Have a good one!



Lisa said...

good job mamma, you have inspired me to start my own Blog....we can figure this world wide web blog thing together! Even if its only us reading each others Blogs LOL. You are very talented - i only wish i could sew like you. Big hugs Bee

Texas Slowpoke said...

great job! I love it..

Hands Sew Full said...

Hi Texas Slowpoke! Thanks for stopping by.