Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some things DO get done!

I always feel like there are a million things on the list and nothing is getting done, but that is not quite true. I have completed a couple of projects and so I thought that I would share my little successes with you!

This is the first pattern I purchased from the internet, ever!
You can find it here: Multi Tasker tote By Anna Maria Horner
It was a very interesting pattern to make, I felt like it was origami with fabric!  I had no idea how it was all going to turn out at one point but then flip, fold, tuck, sew and Alakazam!  You have a fabulous new tote!! I loved making it, the process was so fascinating!  The only change I made was adding fusible fleece to the straps.  I knew that a tote this big, on my arm, would get LOADED! So I figured that I should give myself some padding!

This is a Twirly Skirt I made for my daughter from a tutorial I found here at House on Hill Road.  It was easy, easy to follow and it turned out very twirly! I added some pom-pom trim at the hem band for a little extra flare, I can't wait for her to see it!

The last thing I will share today is my cutting room!   I have finally carved out some space for my fabric and cutting mat.  I was really tired of cutting all the patterns out on the floor!  I am getting to old to crawl around that mat on the floor!  It is not perfect but it is definitely a start.

My fabric is neat and folded and stored in every space available, including the change table (in the back ground) my Dad made for my son!  It is a keepsake but until my kids are old enough to have their own kids, this change table needs to serve some kind of purpose to "pay" for its storage!  That is my son's sewing machine on the table he was making a dog bed the other day and I just haven't gotten around to putting it away yet, shame on me (or maybe him...)!

The totes under the table have seasonal fabric or fabric already designated for quilts.  The little plastic drawers hold the interfacing and batting and various other odds and ends.  The dress form is named Iris and she doesn't quite look like me yet!  She is in need of some curvy padding around the middle...No sense pretending I am a stick figure! The kids are 9 and 11 and I still have not recovered from the distortion! I'm learning to love my curves, I figure I earned them.

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Lisa said...

WOW There!!! you have been crazy busy - that room looks amazing! like out of a sewing magazine - you should be totally proud of yourself and no wonder you want to be in your sewing room...i love it!! Job well done...the skirt is sooo cute - she is going to love it!!I can't wait to see pic of her wearing it oneday. Your blog is coming along - can't wait to start mine, when we get our computer going.Miss you wish i was there to share your sewing room with you - this will have to do!! Hugs, Bee